How to Clean Your Medical Tools and Equipment: Portable Autoclave Machine and More

Medical supplies and equipment are a very important part of procedure in any health care facility and even in homes, which is why it is important these things get cleaned and sterilized well with a portable autoclave machine or any other way before being used. Improper cleaning of these medical devices can lead to harm, instead of the good.

Now, let us learn the ways of cleaning and sterilizing equipments with different methods, such as using the Cidex solution, so that it provides its purpose and not the other way around.

Cleaning Medical Equipment and Devices

There are many ways of cleaning medical supplies so that they achieve a level of cleanliness that is best for usage in the medical and other settings that can impact our health. But there are other items, such as those used in surgeries whether minor or major procedures, that warrants a material to be sterilized before using again. An example of these medical devices that need proper cleaning would be the Welch Allyn 60813.

Let us now learn the ways of keeping our medical items clean and ready to use.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning. From its name, it uses ultrasound and a cleaning solvent to clean items. The items need to be manually cleaned first and then placed on the cleaner, being completely submerged in the solvent, and cleaned for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Automatic Washer Sterilizers. These are modified steam sterilizers that should be followed according to manufacturer’s instructions to achieve proper cleaning and sterilization. But you need to make sure the instruments are lubricated after last rinse cycle and before sterilization cycle.
  • Autoclaving. Whether you use a portable autoclave machine or a standard one, you can autoclave instruments one by one or in groups. This machine usually utilizes steam sterilization for cleaning. It is important that you do not overload the machine because steam cannot penetrate and properly sterilize items if this happens.
  • Cold Sterilization. This process makes instruments sterile only after a 10-hour immersion. It is used if disinfection is needed rather than sterilization, just like for the single test tube holder and such items.

These methods can be used for different medical instruments and equipment. You need to be aware on what process is best for the items you need to clean.

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