Stabilizing Patients in a Vehicular Accident with Equipment such as Cervical Collar Soft, TOPCARE

A vehicular accident (VA) can lead to suspected broken bones that needs stabilization such as a hand injury that will require a SAM Splint Soft Shell (NAR). There are many things that will happen during such accident and it’s important that you respond appropriately should there be delays in health care delivery. The Accident Scene

After Childbirth – Proper Newborn care and biophysical Data recording with Infant Weighing Scale Mechanical, INMED

Put your nurse cap white on and let’s refresh ourselves with proper newborn care. The birth of a baby is certainly a miracle. Just imagine it came from inside a mother from a tiny clump of cells to a bawling baby boy or girl. Proper care must be taken to ensure the survival of the

Emergency Wound Care using Emergency Kits such as Warrior Aid and Litter Kit (WALK) – NAR

Emergency kits like the Warrior Aid and Litter Kid (WALK) – NAR could mean a difference to a fatal wound. Emergency care for wounds like lacerations, avulsions, excisions and more need immediate care. It doesn’t have to be reparative surgery. Quick thinking and immediate response at the scene of the health incident can save the

Dealing with Traumatic Wounds with Compressed Gauze Pad (NAR)

Accidents can happen anytime, and a bloody wound needs to be stabilized, preferably with a compressed gauze pad (NAR) to keep it from bleeding profusely. Wound care is a very important emergency skill that needs to be learned by everyone. If you’ve assessed the wound, you may have time yet to do other things before

Preterm and Low Birth Weight Infants: Management and Treatment with the Infant Phototherapy Bilirubin, TRP100

Becoming a parent is one of the best gifts you will ever be given in life. Having a little life grow inside you and come out to be a healthy human being is probably the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies end up like the one you envision, where everything is perfect.

Uses, Side Effects, Precautions and Where to Buy Hydrogen Peroxide Philippines

Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known antiseptic in the Philippines which people use to treat wounds and other skin conditions just by applying it directly on the affected area. While this has been the usual and commonly accepted practice done by non-medical people, proper knowledge about this substance should be known in order to avoid negative

All About the Autoclave Machine and the Process of Sterilization Using this Device

There are so many methods that you can use to sterilize things. One of these is boiling, which is quite effective for home use. However, in the medical setting, proper and effective sterilization is required for tools to deliver their purpose and prevent further injury to those needing their help, especially when it comes to

Basic Knowledge About IV Therapy and Supplies Such as the Macroset IV Kit

You don’t need to work in the medical field to have knowledge about intravenous therapy and learn about it. Even housewives and students will find it to their advantage to be aware about this medical treatment as well as the materials needed to properly start it like the macroset IV kit and the IV fluids

Owgels: What They’re Used for and What You Need to Know About Them

Breathing is a crucial ability of the human body that is needed to survive. When someone experiences difficulty in breathing, he undergoes inefficient gas exchange within the body which causes so many negative consequences. More often than not, this condition leads to coma or even death if not treated. Because of this, immediate intervention should

Wheelchair Price in Philippines and How to Stay Comfortable and Pain-Free when Using this Device

Wheelchairs are designed to help those with mobility problems move with ease. However, this device can be quite expensive. Wheelchair price in the Philippines ranges from Php3000 to Php7000, depending on the type and its weight capacity. And that’s from the nation’s top medical supplier, Philippine Medical Supplies, where prices are the best. How much