Rollator and Walker: What’s the Difference?

Mobility aides like the walker and rollator provide the support and balance that people who lack it need. Because of these devices, independence is achieved and people who struggle to move from one place to another get their self-confidence up.

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Knowing the Difference Between Canes and Walkers

Canes and walkers are two of the most common and most popular mobility aids in the world. Many people, especially the elderly, use it everyday to help them move from place to place. And it fosters independence, which is good

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Foldable 2 fold Stretcher YDC-1F2

Learning the Proper Use of an ER Stretcher

An ER stretcher is probably one of the most commonly used devices in medical facilities. Which is why people working in the medical field should learn how to use it properly so that they can help in whatever task is

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The Mobility Aid Dependent’s Guide to Using the Commode

Mobility aids are a godsend to people with problems moving around, including the elderly and those who suffered injuries or surgeries on their lower extremities and are temporarily disabled. But while using these devices offer independence and great convenience, users

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