Differentiating the Foldable Stretcher and Other Types of Stretchers from Each Other

No matter if you’re a member of the medical team, or have some kind of knowledge about medical procedures, or if you are an average Joe who just happens to witness an emergency situation, having some idea about medical devices and procedures is an important skill to have and can definitely save lives. And when it comes to medical knowledge, knowing about the foldable stretcher and other types of transport devices will make you an indispensable member of the emergency team.

Now, when you want to be this kind of hero, you should start learning about first aid treatments, emergency procedures, and basic medical devices so you can use your knowledge effectively at any time and at any place. You never know when an accident or an emergency situation can happen.

And to start off, learn about the most common transport device, the stretcher, and its different types.

Differentiating the Types of Stretchers

If you do not have a medical background, it can be surprising to know that stretchers have different types. But just like many devices, stretchers have different purposes. And with these purposes, different types are used.

Let us differentiate them according to their purpose and characteristics.

  1. Transfer Stretcher – is designed for use when transferring patients from the bed to the stretcher or vice versa in order to transport them to different places within the medical facility or out of it.

– it has innovative side rail designs for efficient transfer, adjustable height, and center wheels for easy navigation.

  1. Collapsible Stretcher – is made specifically for maneuvering in narrow spaces such as elevators.

– it has a loading height of 64cm with an adjustable head and folding legs.

  1. Ambulance Stretcher – from its name, this stretcher is used specifically for ambulance transport.

– it has wheels that make moving over pavements easy and locks and straps to secure the device and the patient during transport.

  1. Foldable Stretcher – is a portable, lightweight stretcher designed for use during emergencies where there is no suspected spinal injury.

– it has a simple, flat design with wheels on short, foldable legs.

There are different types of stretchers and each has its own specific use. And knowing these will enable you to act quickly and choose the most appropriate device that can help someone in trouble.

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