The Mobility Aid Dependent’s Guide to Using the Commode

Mobility aids are a godsend to people with problems moving around, including the elderly and those who suffered injuries or surgeries on their lower extremities and are temporarily disabled. But while using these devices offer independence and great convenience, users find it difficult to use the toilet while on them. Thankfully, the availability of a commode has made relieving one’s self easier, even while using a walker and the likes.

Using the Commode

Basically, a commode is a toilet on wheels. It looks like a chair with a bucket under the seat. It is easily movable and does not use running water. When a person has finished using it, the bucket underneath is removed and cleaned.

This device makes it easier for people who have difficulty going to the restroom to urinate or for bowel movement. Moreover, it can be placed in the bedroom for even easier access.

But how can it be used when someone is on the walker, cane or has crutches?

Using the commode is easy, even for someone who has limited mobility. Just make sure to remember these key considerations before using the device, especially when the patient is using it by himself.

  1. First thing you have to do is lock the wheels of the commode.
  2. Make sure the bucket or container is in place beneath the seat. Put some water in the bucket so it is easier to clean after using.
  3. Use the walker or whatever mobility aid you have to get to the commode and sit properly on the chair. Make sure you don’t lose your balance while transferring to the seat. Place your mobility device beside you.
  4. After using the commode, clean yourself, wash your hands and have someone wash the container thoroughly.
  5. Sanitize the commode after every use and keep it somewhere accessible.
  6. Use your walker or canes to get back to bed or go somewhere else.

Commodes are indeed quite helpful, just as much as mobility aids are. So be sure to get one if you ever find yourself in such a position of difficulty. Or if your loved ones are in need of such a convenient device.

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