Knowing the Difference Between Canes and Walkers

Canes and walkers are two of the most common and most popular mobility aids in the world. Many people, especially the elderly, use it everyday to help them move from place to place. And it fosters independence, which is good for their self-esteem.

Aside from our senior family members, there are so many other people who benefit from these devices, including those with disabilities and injuries. But how do people know which between canes and walkers are appropriate for their condition?

Let us learn more about these two helpful mobility aids and find out which is the right one to use for specific situations.

What is a Cane?

Canes can be called walking sticks because they help with walking and balance. However, walking sticks are used for non-medical purposes.

If a wheelchair is used by people who cannot or should not use their lower extremities, a cane is used only for mild walking problems. Specifically, a cane has these characteristics and purpose:

  • It can support 25% of a person’s weight.
  • They help transmit the load from the legs to the upper body but place great pressure on the hands and wrists.
  • There are different kinds of canes available. Some of these are the white canes used by visually impaired persons, quad canes that have four feet at the end for greater stability, and the forearm canes which distribute weight from the wrist to the arm.

What is a Walker?

A walker, which is similar to a rollator (a walker with wheels), is also a mobility aid that assists people who have problems with walking and balance. Unlike the cane, which helps with mild conditions, the walker is very stable and provides more assistance, even with a more severe medical condition.

And it has these specific details:

  • It can support half of a person’s weight.
  • It has a 3-sided frame surrounding the user and is used by lifting the frame and placing it further in front then stepping forward to meet it.
  • It is used by people who have worse to worst balance issues, especially where weakness is felt at both lower extremities.
  • Walkers can also be equipped with seats, brakes or even a commode!

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