Rollator and Walker: What’s the Difference?

Mobility aides like the walker and rollator provide the support and balance that people who lack it need. Because of these devices, independence is achieved and people who struggle to move from one place to another get their self-confidence up.

Mobility aids are indeed a godsend, not just to the elderly who are known to need it the most, but also to patients who suffered injuries on their lower extremities and those with certain health conditions who have limited movement and strength on their legs, either temporarily or permanently.

Now, let us learn about two of the most common mobility devices, which are somewhat similar, and find out what their differences are.

Walker Versus the Rollator

You have probably seen an elderly person walking around with a device like a frame with legs. This device is called a walker. And it helps elderly persons, people with disabilities, and those with certain health conditions walk safely.

A walker is usually recommended for a person who:

  • Is unable to carry or bear weight on one or both legs.
  • Has problem walking but is mobile enough to not need a portables wheelchair.
  • Has to walk around in narrow spaces.
  • Needs more stability and support than what is offered by a cane.

Now, when you see someone with a walker but it has wheels on it, it is called a rollator. Basically, a rollator is a walker with wheels. This device can have four or three wheels, a seat, handlebars, and a hand operated the brake.

And a rollator is usually utilized by people who:

  • Can walk steadily but easily gets tired.
  • Need to walk faster and need assistance with a normal gait.
  • Need mobility aid for indoor and outdoor use.

These are some of the differences between a rollator and walker. And in choosing one, you need to consider certain factors in order to find out which device will fit you best. And always ask your medical practitioner about it.

There are many types of rollators and walkers, just like a wheelchair. There is the portables wheelchair, the reclining wheelchair, transport wheelchair and more. And choosing the right one is important in order to gain their benefit and not get harmed.

So, which will it be for you or your loved one? The walker or the rollator? You may even need another type of mobility aid. So ask your doctor first.

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