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Learning the Proper Use of an ER Stretcher

An ER stretcher is probably one of the most commonly used devices in medical facilities. Which is why people working in the medical field should learn how to use it properly so that they can help in whatever task is at hand, especially during emergency cases. Because when stretchers are used without adequate knowledge and proper handling of it, patients can receive harm instead of being treated to get better.

So, how are stretchers actually used, especially the ones in the ER?

The ER Stretcher

The stretcher, which is also referred to as the “gurney” or “patient trolley”, is a device found in medical settings and used to transport patients from one area to another. The patient is made to lie down on the stretcher during transport, sometimes with a spider strap attaching him to it so that falls and other such incidences can be prevented.

There are many types of stretchers available today. And their designs vary according to their purpose. There is the ambulance stretcher, which, from its name alone, tells that it is used during ambulance transport, and the foldable stretcher, which is portable and is quote useful during rescue missions.

However, the ER stretcher can be considered as the most popular type and the one which is most frequently used. So, when using this device, proper knowledge should first be learned.

  • Key Points in Using the ER Stretcher
  1. As much as possible, handle the stretcher on level ground, especially when transferring patients. This prevents losing balance and causing accidents.
  2. Always secure the wheels of the stretcher. Make sure the brakes are working fine and use it when transferring patients to or from the device.
  3. Stretchers have a different weight capacity. When using one, first assess your patient’s weight and if you need to support some devices on it so you can choose the right stretcher.
  4. Regularly check the wheels, legs and the whole of the stretcher, especially between uses. Make sure everything is in place and that the device is working fine so it can be used anytime.
  5. Use safety devices such as a spider strap to hold the patient in place when using a stretcher. Don’t forget to raise the side rails up.
  6. Always have a first aid kit on hand every time you transfer a patient using the stretcher. You never know when you are going to need it.

These are some of the most important tips that people who handle stretchers should know.

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