What It’s Like Living with a Convatec Colostomy, A Patient’s Take on Life with a Stoma

There are already millions of people who are living or had lived with a Convatec colostomy all over the world. But despite this great number, many are still unaware of the condition or do not know what it is like living with such a condition.

Although having a stoma and a colostomy bag may be difficult, it is only just the beginning that is hard to accept. Once patients get used to it, living is just as it was before going under the knife.But understanding what someone with a colostomy is going through is necessary to be able to appropriately and sympathetically interact with them.

Living with a Colostomy

People with conditions such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and bowel cancer would have never thought they would undergo an operation and come out with an internal organ sticking out of their lower abdomen, specifically, apart of their intestines. This is what someone with a colostomy goes through just before having that small bag
attached to their stomach.

Yes, a colostomy is a result of certain illnesses or conditions that prevent normal bowel functions and body waste discharge. And no, it isn’t a part of bedridden patient supplies. It is a misconception on some people’s mind that having a colostomy is a consequence of being old and bedridden, which is definitely not the case.

So once a person’s bowel functions are compromised, it is necessary to find a way for discharges to be excreted. Thus, a stoma is created. And having this can turn a person’s world upside down.

Here’s is one patient’s take on life after having a colostomy.

  • It will start as something unacceptable, especially when you get it so suddenly.
  • You might focus on all the negatives and hide from the world, or under a lab gown.
  • But after accepting the fact that having a colostomy is life-saving, you can focus on the positive.
  • You are alive and you will continue living greatly. No more constipation, bloating and no need for laxatives.
  • You will empty the bag and clean the stoma several times a day but you will get used to it. And cleaning agents such as Cidex solution is a no-no. Water is enough.
  • Most importantly, even with the bag, you can still live a normal life just like the one you had before surgery.

This is what you should understand about colostomies. And if you need to get bags, there’s Philippine Medical Supplies that you can rely on. Check them out today.