Convatec Colostomy And What It’s Like Living With It

A disease that affects the colon, rectum or anus usually leads to the patient having a Convatec colostomy. However, many are not aware of this condition and the resulting colostomy that the patient has to have for a long time, even for life. This ignorance causes poor self-esteem on the part of the patient and contributes to depression.

Let’s learn all about the colostomy and help those who have it feel more optimistic about their condition.

What Causes a Colostomy?

A colostomy is actually a treatment and not a condition. When the body’s colon, rectum and anus, which are the ones responsible for eliminating solid waste material from the body, cannot function well, they need to stop working and rest. The body then has to find another way to remove wastes.

And this is where having a colostomy helps.

  • A colostomy is an opening, called a stoma, that connects the colon to the surface of the abdomen.
  • This opening provides a new route for waste material and gas to leave the body.
  • A colostomy can be temporary or permanent.
  • Proper care of the colostomy site is needed to maintain its function and prevent infection, which is a complication you don’t want to have.
  • You won’t need Top Care adult diapers if you have a colostomy.

How Will Having a Colostomy Change Your Life?

Contrary to what most people believe, a colostomy is not a bedridden patient supplies. Anyone can have a condition that will require a colostomy, a child, an adult or an elderly.

So what changes does this condition bring to your life?

  • Yo won’t have to stay in the hospital after surgery as long as you know how to manage your colostomy. You can continue your normal routine provided it won’t interfere with your stoma.
  • You can participate in any activity provided your colostomy can take the contact. You can have protective devices that can cover your stoma.
  • You may need to change your diet and prevent food that can cause a blockage in your colon.
  • Your may feel your confidence shatter but with appropriate clothing, your colostomy wouldn’t bother with your appearance.

You have to understand that a colostomy is a treatment that will help you maintain your normal body function. It is normal to feel down but try to be optimistic.

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