Storms-stricken Provinces in the Philippines in Need of Medical Supplies like the Nebulizer

One of the harsher storms that entered the Philippines in 2017, Vinta, brought about many problems, including lack of medical supplies such as the nebulizer and common medicines for the many sickness that this calamity caused. The end of 2017 for our tropical country is definitely not easy. And the start of this year, as well, with the exit of Agaton, another strong typhoon, that caused as much damage as its predecessor.

The Wrath of Vinta

More than 70,000 families from the almost 600 barangays that Vinta passed through suffered serious destruction and injuries. And the loss of life that reached 200, from Mother Nature’s wrath, is devastating.

Now that the storm has passed, the people are rebuilding their homes and their lives. But the government’s assistance is a little too slow in accommodating their needs. Some are suffering from sickness that the natural disaster brought about. Terumo syringe disposable are almost used up since patients needing shots are quite numerous.

These scenarios are what you will see when you visit the storm-stricken lands.

  • Many have been hospitalized and serious diseases have used up oxygen tank and regulators.
  • A single hospital bed is being occupied by two or more patients. Some are even on folding beds and cots that they brought themselves.
  • Wounds sustained from different injuries need stitches and medicines but suture and dissecting set are deficient.
  • Those who are not admitted at the hospital need frequent monitoring with a digital BP Omron and ear thermometer.
  • The elderly need any kind of support such as a knee support in order to carry their weight around.
  • Common medicines are in dire need because of the innumerable sickness being suffered by children and adults alike.

Although the government has deployed emergency assistance teams to the distressed provinces, the victims claim the support they’re getting is not enough. Assorted medicines have been augmented by the Department of Health to rural health centers. And leptospirosis prophylaxes have been released to these clinics to prevent the dreaded disease.

Now, the government is asking the public to extend help to the victims in any way. Donating simple medical supplies will be greatly appreciated.

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