Medication Administration – Nebulizer

For most patients in a medical facility, there will be a need to take some form of medication, and a nebulizer is often used to facilitate the taking of medication by patients suffering from conditions such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions. They work by changing liquid medicine into a fine mist that can be inhaled into the lungs. Phil Medical Supplies have a range of nebulizers available.

When doctors prescribe oxygen as part of medical treatment, a number of pieces of equipment may be necessary, including the oxygen tank itself, as well as an oxygen regulator and possibly an oxygen concentrator. Again, Phil Medical Supplies can provide such items from their website. Oxygen tanks for medical applications must be cleaned and passed as being suitable for medical use. They should be painted with safety grade paint which should be able to provide heat detection. An easy clean finish is also a requirement. They can come with a variety of related accessories, including carts for easy transportation. Covers can also be bought to cover the tank when not in regular use. The oxygen regulator is supplied in order to regulate the supply of oxygen to the patient. They work by regulating the supply of oxygen from the tank to a level that is safe for patients to use. An oxygen concentrator is often used at home by those who require greater concentrations than is available in the air. These concentrators come in variety of sizes dependant on the level of portability required.

Facemasks are worn by people in a wide range of industries, anywhere that requires a protection against airborne particles They come in two basic styles, a tie style and a face mask earloop style. Both types are available from Phil Medical Supplies. They should have a high bacteria filtration level to afford suitable protection for wearers.

N95 Facemask
As well as the above types of facemask, there is also the N95 Facemask available. These facemasks are designed to offer a higher level of protection than standard facemask, and must be able to block at least 95% of small particles (0.3 micron.) They offer a very close fit and efficient filtration of airborne particles.

The above is just a small representation of the wide range of medical equipment and supplies available on the Philippine Medical Supplies website!