Oxygen Concentrator, 5Liters


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1 Year

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Complete plastic outer shell, safe and reliable.
Timing accumulates function, show total working hours through the display screen.
Exceed press safety valve helping safe ensure.
Install power loss alarming function, high pressure and low pressure alarming function.
With compressor hot protection function that ensures the safety of the compressor and concentrator.
Having nebulizing interface (apply in the oxygen concentrators having the function of nebulizing ): May connect with nebulizer to have nebulizing cure

● Flow Range: 1~5L/min
● Oxygen Concentration: 95.5%~87%
● Maximum Outlet Pressure: 45kPa±4.5kPa
● Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at:
250kPa±25kPa (36.25psi±3.63psi)
● Altitude: Up to 1828 meters (6000 ft) above
sea level without degradation of
concentration levels. From 1828 meters
(6000 ft) to 4000meters (13129 ft) below 90%
● Sound Level: ≤60dB(A)
● Maximum nebulizing rate (apply in the
oxygen concentrators having the function of
nebulizing): ≥0.2 mL/min
● Power Supply: AC220V±10% 60Hz
● Input Power: 500VA
● Weight: 27kg ( 59.4lbs )
● Dimension: H44.5cm (17.5″)
● Minimum Operating Time: 30minutes

Made in China



1 week replacement

1 year warranty for Service only