Infection-free Everyday Just with Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most versatile disinfectants today. It is used everywhere, from hospitals and homes to offices and schools. Its antiseptic property is both treatment and prevention for minor injuries and infections. No wonder most people carry a small bottle of this clear liquid in their bags wherever they go.

Uses of Alcohol

Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol is the type of alcohol that can keep you infection-free. Don’t mistake it for the type that gets you drunk. Although ancient people have been known to use alcoholic beverage to cleanse their wounds, this practice is no longer done today.

Carrying even just a small amount of alcohol whenever you go out can do a lot of good. Here are some of its uses, aside from being the most in demand hospital supply:

  • At home
  • Keep one in your first aid kit along with povidone iodine 10%. It’s your go-to antiseptic for wounds, cuts, abrasions and other injuries.
  • It can keep things, surfaces, furniture and so much more sanitized.
  • You can keep your floors and rooms disinfected with alcohol. Just mix it with water to dilute it and reduce the strong smell.
  • In school
  • It can keep students’ and teachers’ hands clean and limit the spread of infection.
  • School supplies can be cleaned with alcohol as well to keep them sanitized.
  • In the office
  • It keeps employees infection-free by frequently rubbing their hands with alcohol. This also limits spread of infection.
  • Everything in the office can be sanitized with it, thereby reducing bacteria and other causes of infection. Just pour some on a piece of cloth or cotton roll and use it to wipe things.


  • Alcohol generally sanitizes everything it comes in contact with. It can be your hands or your belongings, as well as furniture and other stuff around you. This reduces the risk of infection because it kills bacteria and other microbes.
  • Wounds can heal faster when cleaned with alcohol and covered with Bactigras. Alcohol facilitates faster and complete healing of open wounds and other injuries.
  • This liquid can keep infection at bay. Rubbing some on your hands before and after every activity can keep you infection-free every day. Along with good hygiene and frequent handwashing, you can be safe from infectious diseases.

Having these supplies on hand can help you prevent sickness from getting to you. So be infection-free and get the best supplies from Philippine Medical Supplies. Visit their website today.