How the Welch Allyn 60813 Works in Providing Mechanical Ventilation

Every medical personnel knows what mechanical ventilation is and the tools and devices used to successfully deliver it. And this knowledge is essential if you plan on entering the medical field. CPR, the Ambu bag and the Welch Allyn 60813 are just some necessary items that you have to learn about and know how to use in order to deliver quality health care to those who need it.

And in this article, you will be learning about mechanical ventilation and how the Welch Allyn laryngoscope is used in this process.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation is the process of providing air and the much needed oxygen into the body through artificial means when a person’s respiratory system fails to do so. The causes of such a condition can be ventilatory in nature, which includes chest wall abnormalities, or hypoxic, such as the case of ventilation-perfusion mismatch.

No matter the cause, it is crucial that ventilation is started immediately so the brain is not deprived of oxygen and cause serious health consequences. This process has the goals of:

  • Relieving respiratory distress
  • Improve pulmonary gas exchange
  • Reverse respiratory muscle fatigue
  • Permit lung healing

And in achieving this, the mechanical ventilator, which is the machine used to deliver oxygen into the lungs, should be attached to the endotracheal tube or ET. This small tube connects internally to the lungs and externally to the machine.

Of course, manual ventilation using the Ambu bag can also be done but it is very exhausting on the part of the one bagging. Furthermore, delivering oxygen can be insufficient or too much pressure can be placed on the lungs if bagging is not properly done. But this process is much cheaper compared to using a ventilator, considering the Ambu bag cost as compared to the machine.

And when manual ventilation is used, the bag should be attached to oxygen and owgels used.

Now, the Welch Allyn laryngoscope is what doctors use to insert the ET and properly put it in place before attaching it to the ventilator. This process is called intubation and needs expert skills and experience to be able to succeed.

  • The patient should be positioned with his head tilted to provide the straightest path to see the larynx and pass the tube.
  • Open the patient’s mouth as wide as possible and insert the laryngoscope’s blade into the mouth slightly to the right of the tongue.
  • Then rotate the blade back and lift upward and away.
  • When you see the larynx, pass the ET in one smooth motion.

After the procedure, always verify placement of the tube. Listen for presence and equal breath sounds using the best stethoscope. Check the Littman Stethoscope Classic III price and use this excellent device in your medical career.

Now that you know what the Welch Allyn and mechanical ventilation is, be prepared for your medical journey with the best supplies from Philippine Medical Supplies.