Healthcare Mobility Aids – Wheelchair

The healthcare industry has a very wide and varied range of equipment required to be provided, including some basic but essential equipment such as the wheelchair. Philippine Medical Supplies are a medical supplies and equipment specialist, offering a range of products on their website.

Anyone who has had to visit a hospital, clinic or any other type of medical facility, will almost certainly have seen wheelchairs in common use. These wheelchairs are used to transfer patients within the facility, or for patients who have mobility issues that prevent them from walking themselves. These wheelchairs come in a range of sizes depending on patient’s needs and requirements.  They can be lightweight styles for use in specific situations, and these are particularly beneficial for patients and carers who may have limitations when handling standard wheelchairs.

Reclining Wheelchair
In addition to having both lightweight and standard models, wheelchairs can also come with in-built commodes. Also, some models are available which can recline, and these reclining wheelchairs are often more comfortable for patients spending prolonged periods of time in them. They sometimes have a commode built in to provide maximum comfort and convenience.

Commode Chair
As well as wheelchair commodes,  there are also available standard commode chairs. These chairs provide patients, and other users, with a degree of independence in terms of taking care of their basic toilet needs. These types of chairs come with a commode installed either under a cushion, or without a cushion. In addition, some have wheels for greater portability.  Phil Medical Supplies have all of these types available.

Walker and Rollator
For the elderly, or those who have mobility issues that prevent them from walking unaided, a walker is a piece of equipment that can help users gain much greater independence by enabling them to get around by themselves. These walkers are available in a variety of designs dependent on the requirements of users.  They even come with seats to provide an added level of flexibility and usefulness. To make transportation and storage more convenient, some models can be folded. A variation on the walker design is the rollator. This special type of walker has front wheels to make getting around more convenient for those users who are able to benefit from their function.

Bathroom Scales
One other piece of equipment available at Phil Medical Supplies is bathroom scales.  Whilst not confined to being used in healthcare or medical facilities, these are often used to accurately weigh patients and are required for things such as ensuring correct medicine dosages are
administered.  Of course, they can also be used in the home to provide accurate weight monitoring.

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