Foley Catheter: The Many Struggles of A Nurse

Some people would frown upon the professions of some people. They would laugh at what others do just because they find it inferior to what they are doing or they find it disturbing. Even people in the medical field experience this, especially nurses.

There are times when nurses have it really hard. Aside from checking in on patients, they also have to provide hands on care. For a typical person, a nurse’s job would really look difficult and of course, disgusting. Some patients would defecate or urinate on their beds, while some would puke. There are also instances when a nurse has to put a tube called Foley Catheter on a patients bladder just to help him urinate. Imagine the horrors!

A Nurse’s Job

Some patients have problems with their excretory systems, especially with their urine and fecal excretion. For those who can still walk and stand up, a nurse can assist a patient to urinate and to defecate in the comfort room.  But for the unlucky ones, manual assistance is a must.

Patients with problems in the urinary tract would sometimes need a foley catheter, a tube inserted to the bladder to drain urine which is attached to a urine bag or a drainage bag. Before conducting this, cleanliness is also a must in health care that is why a nurse must first sanitize his hands with rubbing alcohol and must wear sterile gloves. The nurse must then first put an underpad under the patient to ensure that there would be no leaks falling on the bed of the patient. Imagine a thin nurse lifting up a huge patient just to put the pad in place. Inserting a tube down there sounds painful, but with the use of lubricating jelly, the catheter would be easily inserted in the bladder without much hassle and friction therefore avoiding pain.

It is also a nurse’s responsibility to ensure that wound dressings of patients must be changed regularly in order to avoid unwanted infections, to change the patient’s empty dextrose or PNSS, to check the temperature, the blood pressure, and to get samples from patients on a regular basis.

Some nurses would go for days without sleep! Imagine a 36 hour shift without nap breaks. How tiring must that be for nurses! Some people would even scream and throw a fit at nurses for not doing the things that they want to happen that shouldn’t happen.

Nurses are trained professionals and they do what they are trained to do. So before you rant or throw a fit at nurses, make sure that you had the same training as them. Let’s not put more burdens in their shoulders for they already have enough stuff to deal with in their hands. The next time you will shout at a nurse, ask yourself this question, “Am I willing to clean my relative’s buttocks?”. If no, then you might want to shut your mouth. 🙂

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