Become a Neighborhood Hero with AED ZOLL and AED HEARTSINE

Automatic External Defibrillators like AED ZOLL and AED HEARTSINE are tragically underused today. It’s like when you’re going off a plane. You will notice that there is a small device in there that looks like a small box or bag. We, by and large, ignore this device and what it’s for like we ignore safety instructions by the flight attendants when we board the plane. But the frequent occurrence of serious cardiac arrest cases and the fact they take place mainly in the household should give us plenty of incentive to acquire these life-saving devices.

AEDs are portable devices that can diagnose potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmia or incorrect rhythm of the heart. They can be caused by ventricular fibrillation and tachycardia. Fibrillation makes the heartbeat erratically and very fast, causing it to have useless spasms instead of pumping blood. Tachycardia is fibrillation with at least 3 irregular heartbeats in a row and an average of about 100 beats per minute. The extreme speed of the heartbeat will eventually cause the heart to stop functioning and therefore blood can no longer flow from the lungs to the rest of the body and depriving it of oxygen.

Using AEDs will defibrillate the heart, slowing it down to where it can begin to pump blood properly and nourishing the organs once again. Prolonged fibrillation and tachycardia rob the body of oxygen, which will in turn cause organ failure and death. AEDs will emit pulses of electricity capable of correcting the heart’s pace similar to its bigger counterpart that is used in hospitals or by EMTs.

Since most households in the Philippines lack the means of purchasing this life-saving device, patients will need to wait for the ambulance or go to the hospital to be stabilized. Precious seconds and minutes will be wasted in transporting the patient where that time should have been used trying to stabilize his condition. People sometimes die because no one has a portable defibrillator to stabilize the heart rate so that the organs don’t suffer permanent damage. Suffice it to say that having one of these at your house has the potential to save not only the lives of the people living in your home but also the people who don’t have the resources to buy the device.

Philippine Medical Supplies offer AEDs, along with other durable medical equipment like anesthesia breathing bags and steam sterilizer autoclave, guaranteed to last long and work properly every time. We also offer reasonably-priced plans for medical facilities and professionals so they can help more people take care of their health. Purchase your AED and become a neighborhood hero.