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Breathing Bag
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Breathing bags in an anesthetic system are collapsible ellipsoid containers that serve as a reservoir for anesthetic gases and as a mean for manual ventilation. The reservoir bags, also known as counterlungs, allow visual assessment of the presence and estimation of the volume of ventilation. These bags form a crucial part of most anesthetic systems, since, during normal spontaneous inspiration, anesthetic machines are incapable of providing the needed peak inspiratory gas flow.

Breathing bags are elastic and are available as disposable and reusable variants. Disposable bags, in comparison to reusable variants, are usually thinner and lighter, yet they provide reasonable durability. Generally, the reservoir bags are made of natural rubber (latex); however non-latex versions are also available for subjects with latex allergies. To improve the grip, they are usually textured. However, hourglass-shaped breathing bags are also available to allow better grip.

Breathing bags are usually mounted at or near the carbon dioxide absorbent canister with the help of a T-shaped fitting or at the end of a corrugated tubing leading from the T-connector in a circle breathing system.