IV Catheter, CATHULA (100’s)


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Cathula I.V. Cannula w/ Teflon Catheter


  • Infusion of I.V Solutions.
  • Intermittent Intravenous Drugs administration.
  • To maintain hydration and/or correct dehydration if patient is unable to take sufficient volume of oral fluids.


  • Product should not be used.
  • In Patients with known hypersensitivity to any of the materilas used.

Materials used:

  • PP,PE,PC Stainless steel, Catheter Teflon
  • This products does not contain natural rubber latex. This product is DEHP free.

Instructions for Use:

  • Carefully select and aseptically prepare the site.
  • Select suitable size of I.V Cannula & inspect visually to ascertain that package is intact.
  • Remove cannula from sterile packing.
  • Grip the cannula from injection port cap & projection provided on hub (for I.V Cannula having injection port).
  • Grip the cannula so the needle and catheter tip are properly aligned (for I.V Cannula not having injection port).
  • Remove the needle cover.
  • Perform venipuncture & check for flash back of blood  in flask back chamber.
  • Advance the catheter into vein and simultaneously withdraw the needle.
  • Withdraw the needle completely while pressing the vein just after the tip of the catheter into the vein & discard the needle in appropriate container.
  • connect to the I.V Infusion set line.
  • Cover the puncture site with sterile dressing.
  • Drugs can be injected with the help of syringe without needle through integrated injection port after removing the port cap. Close the injection port after use (for I.V. Cannulahaving injection port).
  • Perform routine monitoring & venipuncture site maintenance according to medical norms.

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