A Guide to Emergency Medical Supplies and Equipment: the Welch Allyn 60813 and More

There are reports about certain health care facilities that are known to lack the proper knowledge and supplies of emergency medical equipment such as the Welch Allyn 60813 laryngoscope and those needed to establish an emergency airway. And these reports have placed a huge strain on medical facilities.

Positively, it has led to proper education of medical staff and personnel as well as appropriate stocking of supplies and equipment. Because when you lack these items in an emergency setting, it will, indeed cost lives instead of helping patients get out of their medical misery.

Now, here are some information about emergency medical supplies that you will need, especially if you work in a medical facility.

Emergency Medical Supplies and Equipment

  • Vital signs monitoring devices – these devices are essential in monitoring the functions of the different body systems which gives the medical practitioner information about the status of a patient. These include the thermometer, stethoscope and a blood pressure apparatus.
  • Oxygen tank, owgels and mask – being able to provide oxygen to a patient who’s experiencing difficulty of breathing will help relieve problems and prolong life.
  • Nebulizer – just like the oxygen, a nebulizer is important in persons with breathing problems such as asthma. Without this device, a patient can suffer from lack of oxygen for prolonged periods, which has dangerous consequences.
  • Glucometer – blood sugar problems can cause life-threatening effects, and this makes having a glucometer on hand quite important since it gives results in a matter of seconds.
  • Ambu bag – emergency situations with an unconscious and not breathing patient will require mechanical breathing that is possible with the use of an Ambu bag.
  • Laryngoscope – if breathing is not restored in a patient after manual resuscitation, establishing airway with the use of a Welch Allyn 60813 and a ventilator is necessary.
  • Epinephrine and Atropine – these drugs are used during cardiac arrest, which is a definite emergency case.

This list of emergency supplies and devices is not complete, but having knowledge about them can definitely save someone in an emergency scenario.

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