Wheelchair Price in Philippines and How to Stay Comfortable and Pain-Free when Using this Device

Wheelchairs are designed to help those with mobility problems move with ease. However, this device can be quite expensive. Wheelchair price in the Philippines ranges from Php3000 to Php7000, depending on the type and its weight capacity. And that’s from the nation’s top medical supplier, Philippine Medical Supplies, where prices are the best. How much more when you get such an item from other suppliers? Its cost can be significantly higher.

But because some accidents cannot be avoided and there are a number of congenital conditions that require the use of wheelchairs and other such devices, finding the best-priced one is what you need to do. And purchasing it from Philippine Medical Supplies is your best option.

Once you have your wheelchair, you need to know the proper way to use it and how to position your patient effectively in order to be comfortable and prevent pain in the legs. Here’s what you should do to achieve this.

  • Give support to the lower leg and use the wheelchair footrest brackets.
  • Place the feet in the right position and avoid it from sliding off the footrests.
  • Always lock the brakes before getting in and out of the wheelchair.
  • Have your patient lean back while sitting on the wheelchair.
  • Avoid sitting on the device for long hours.
  • Provide a blanket for the legs because sitting on it for a while can cause the lower extremities to be colder than usual.

Improper positioning of the legs and the body, in general, can lead to contracted joints, pressure sores, and bruises. This is what you should avoid. If not, it will only add injury to what your patient already has.

Think of the blood circulation in your patient’s legs when using mobility aids. Learn about the electric massager Philippines and how to use it to improve circulation.

You might also want to use ankle support Philippines to provide more stability to the lower legs, especially when your patient starts to walk again.

If your patient is completely dependent on wheelchairs, it is better to have him wear Top Care adult diapers or use a device with a commode for ease of urinating or bowel movement.

These are the key points you need to have in mind when using a wheelchair is required. But first, you need to get the best device at the best price. Check out your options at Philippine Medical Supplies now and make use of the tips above in using it.