Today’s Mom’s Sing Praises for The Breast Pump

The modern mom has been given options when it comes to feeding her newborn, and the breast pump is one of those. Breastmilk has always been the best for babies. But not all mothers can breastfeed. And some mothers chose not to breastfeed for different reasons. Because of this, breast pumps have been invented.

The Breast Pump

Breast pumps have been around for a while. Getting breastmilk was practiced by mothers who can’t breastfeed but want to feed their babies breastmilk. This can also be done manually, without the aid of pumps. Yes, you can express breastmilk on your own using your bare hands.

However, with the advent of more sophisticated breast pumps, manual expression is no longer a popular trend.

Let’s learn about the different types of breast pumps.

  • Manual pumps require you to place its mouth directly on the nipple, over the areola. You have to pump or squeeze the handle while keeping the pump’s mouth sealed over the nipple. The extracted breastmilk then goes to the attached container. Mothers usually pour out the collected milk into a small measuring cup to feed to their babies.This kind of pump is not very popular today, though.
  • Battery-operated pumpsmake it easier for working mothers to multi-task while pumping. These pumps work on their own after getting them attached to your breast. You don’t have to use your hands like with the manual pumps. And you only have to charge or change the batteries after use.
  • Electric pumpsare just like the battery-operated pumps. They run on electricity and allows multi-tasking. These pumps come with hassle-free cleaning. You won’t need to wash them with alcohol. Regular soap and water will do. Storage also comes easy since these breast pumps are quite handy and usually has a bag for travel convenience.

Breast is Best

Breast is best has been trending recently. However, many argue that breast is not always best. Just like everything else, it has to do with the situation. Some mothers don’t produce enough breastmilk. This case can be harmful to the newborn who depends solely on the breastmilk being fed him.

And while breastfeeding is important, feeding your baby expressed breastmilk still covers a lot of ground. Your baby will get the nutrition he needs, plus the antibodies passed through the colostrum are an essential benefit. Even mothers who are found to be diabetic through a freestyle glucometer can still breastfeed or pump. This act has been proven to be beneficial to these moms.

And while working moms opt to pump their breastmilk instead of breastfeeding, the hunt for the best breast pump is usually a hurdle. Don’t fret, though. Philippine Medical Supplies has all that you need. Visit them and find the best breast pump you’ve been looking for.