The Anti-bedsore Mattress and Other Supplies in Caring for the Bedridden at Home

Caring for the bedridden is never easy, but having an anti-bedsore mattress will make things a little less stressful for the care giver since this minimizes the risk of having skin ulcers and reduces the caregiver’s effort in turning the patient in bed.

And since caring for the bedridden is one stressful task, caregivers find ways on how to lessen the burden by having all the supplies needed right at home.

Tips on Caring for the Bedridden at Home

If nursing homes are a popular retreat for the elderly abroad, in the Philippines, it is a practice that many will consider taboo. Filipinos will choose to keep their sick at home.

Families teach themselves how to take care of their patients and have all the necessary things available on hand. Here are some tips on how to care for the bedridden at home.

  • Set up the patient’s room that has everything that is needed, as well as emergency equipment such as an oxygen tank.
  • Learn to do basic medical procedures that will help monitor your patient’s health status. This will include checking the vital signs like blood pressure using a digital BP Omron, checking the blood sugar.
  • If your patient takes medication, make sure they take it completely and at the right time. Be at the bedside while he/she takes the medicine, or during other measures such as using the nebulizer.
  • Pay attention to hygiene and proper feeding. Keep linens clean and fresh, wash and bathe, and feed the right way by propping the patient’s head up on pillows or using a spine board in changing positions.
  • Prevent bedsores by using an anti-bedsore or egg mattress. Also learn the proper way of turning patient to relieve pressure points.
  • Most importantly, always check on your patient. Look in on them regularly and give them something to keep their minds on and let them feel they are loved.

The Philippines is a very family oriented country. Filipinos prioritize their families more than anything else and will choose to care for them on their own in times of sickness. When a senior loved one falls sick and becomes bedridden, family members go the extra mile and provide everything that is needed at home just to make their patient comfortable and not stay on a hospital bed.

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