Suction Machine Philippines: Why Have It for Your Child at Home?

Suction machine Philippines is not your common household device. However, there are some instances where medical professionals would recommend this machine for children at home.

People with acute and chronic respiratory diseases are the ones who need the help of suctions machines the most, to facilitate easier breathing. Moreover, elderly people on oxygen support who are bedridden or require the help of transport devices the likes of rollator Philippines, are also in need of suctioning, since their lungs and accessory muscles have become weak.

But when it comes to children, there are several conditions that will require parents to have a suction machine right at their homes. And what are these? Let us find out.

What is the Suction Machine?

Suction machines are appliances that remove obstructions from a person’s airways which can cause difficulty breathing. These obstructions include saliva, mucus, blood, and vomit. Suctioning is most usually done in medical facilities such as health centers, clinics, and hospitals by medical professionals and is rarely done at home.

However, if it has been established by your health care provider that your child or children have to be suctioned at home, then having a portable suction machine is recommended. This type of suction machine is smaller, weigh less and easier to use than your conventional suction machine.

But what conditions by your kids will require you to have this device at home?

  • Children Diseases and Situations that Need Suctioning
  1. Presence of tracheostomy. It is surgically placed for reasons including birth defects, anaphylaxis, and tumors that restrict the airways. It should be regularly suctioned in order to deliver the needed air.
  2. Supportive treatment for this condition is gentle nasal suctioning and oxygen therapy.
  3. Intubated child. Sometimes, critically ill children who are intubated are sent home, where family members can spend more time with them. In this case, they are also the ones doing suctioning of the endotracheal tube.

The above conditions prevent children from breathing easily and effectively. When suctioning is not done right away, it can lead to disastrous results.

When you have a sick family member that needs regular suctioning, you need to be able to monitor his breathing and blood pressure, using a BP aneroid desktop or a digital BP app, so you will know any improvement or worsening of his condition.

When something gets worse, immediate medical intervention should be called for.

Now, if you need a suction machine, a BP app, or even a surgical tape, you can go online and purchase them easily. You no longer have to visit physical stores and waste precious time choosing an item. Plus, online purchasing will bring your product straight to your doorstep.

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