From a Stretcher to the ER: The Struggles of a Medical Practitioner

Have you ever experienced fainting in an overly crowded place like a concert, but luckily there are medical personnel around to assist you? Have you ever watched football where there’s an injured player being carried out of the venue on a stretcher? Scenarios like these are quite common especially in the sports world or in a very hot crowded place. But who do we call for help when tragedies like this happen? Doctors. Intelligent, well-trained doctors.

A Typical Hospital Scene

The room is crowded, a family member is crying, people are running back and forth, one doctor is trying to resuscitate his patient with an ambu bag while a nurse is attaching an IV Catheter neoflon for the IV line, another doctor is reviving his patient’s non-functioning heart with a defibrillator, and nurses are putting ice bags on hypertensive patients while measuring their blood pressure using a digital BP rossmaxthis is one of the most typical scene that you can see in an emergency room.

Ever wonder why doctors charge so much?

The hospital is probably one of the busiest places on earth. Here we see the wonders and expertise of medical professionals as they try their best to bring their patient’s back to perfect health and shape. What they do is something that requires years of practice and studying. On average, after graduating high school, in order for a student to become a licensed doctor, he must spend a decade and a half in medical school, especially if he has a field of expertise. Aside from the time spent studying and practicing, in order to become a doctor, you will have to spend hundreds of thousands up to millions of pesos just to graduate medical school!

You also have to include the efforts, the sleepless nights, and the physical, mental, and psychological torture that a doctor has endured over the course of his school years.

The machines and materials that medical practitioners use are also quite expensive. Remember that hospital scene where a person is lying completely still as he enters a machine? That’s right. A CT scan. On average, a CT Scan machine costs around Php 7,000,000!

Doctors also charge so much because they have responsibilities in their homes. Siblings to help, family to build, children to raise, and bills to pay. Those are just some of their struggles. We also cannot ignore the fact that they also have wants, needs and dreams that they want to fulfill and goals that they have to reach.

To sum it up, the medical world is something that requires a lot. So we don’t really have to be shocked when doctors charge so much, except in some cases of course.

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