Reclining Wheelchair and More: How to Choose the Right Mobility Aid

Having problem moving is quite troublesome, not just for the one experiencing it but also to the one assisting. Moreover, it can be a sign of a more serious medical condition, which is why it should be addressed promptly. And when this is experienced, finding the right tool to help you move, especially when you don’t have someone capable of carrying you to medical facilities, is a priority. Will you be needing a reclining wheelchair? A walker? Or maybe a stretcher?

Know which one is best for your condition with the help of this article.

Types of Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are tools used to help people with problems moving around so they can live their lives as independently as possible. These devices can also be used to transport patients from place to place, like in medical centers or hospital rooms. In this case, they are called transport devices.

There are different devices used for this purpose. And the one you will need will depend upon your condition and on other considerations.

  • Most Common Mobility Aids
  1. Canes – support the body’s weight and transfer load from the legs to the upper body.
  • commonly used by people who have problems with balancing.
  1. Crutches – help transmit weight from the legs to the upper and keep the body upright.
  • most commonly used by people with injuries or disabilities.
  1. Walkers – have four legs providing support and stability to the user.
  • adults over 65 usually utilize this device.
  1. Wheelchairs – used by people who are not supposed to put weight on their lower extremities or those who are unable to walk.
  • reclining and portables wheelchair are some of its types, which are commonly used for traveling long distances.
  1. Stretchers – mainly used for transferring a person who requires medical assistance.

While some mobility aids like canes and walkers can be used independently, some like the wheelchair and stretcher require the assistance of other persons, especially those who have the required knowledge and experience with using such devices.

Moreover, if the person needing the mobility device has a serious condition or is suspected to have one, special considerations must be followed. This would include using a spine board in case spine injury is expected.

No matter what it is, mobility aids and transport devices are a great help to people experiencing problems with moving. And using the best quality ones should be a priority.

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