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X-ray Markers, also known as: anatomical side markers, Pb markers, lead markers, x-ray lead markers, or radiographic film identification markers, are used to mark x-ray films, both in hospitals and in industrial workplaces (such as on aeroplane parts and motors).

They are used on radiographic images to determine anatomical side of body, date of the procedure, and may include patients name.

Most X-ray markers consist of a right and a left letter with the radiographer’s initials. There are also available markers to indicate positioning of the body e.g. supine, or as to time when performing procedures such as an Intravenous pyelogram.

It has been suggested that radiographic markers are a potential fomite for harmful bacteria such as MRSA, and that they should be cleaned on a regular basis; this, however, is not always done.

  • R/L
  • 2 letters at 3/8 in
  • Arrow, Right/Left, and initial options
  • Customize markers with additional letters
  • Letters are made out of high-density lead
  • Red color coded for Right
  • Blue color coded for Left

The  X-Ray Markers offer x-ray film and cassette identification options, featuring right/left and arrow markers to easily determine things such as which side of the body is being viewed.  X-Ray Markers are available with or without additional initials for custom marking and in various sizes. Add desired letters/figures to the comments box in checkout.

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