UV Light Heavy Duty (4 Bulbs 30 watts)


  • Packaging: 1 Unit
  • Locally manufactured


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  • UV Light 4 Bulb 30W
  • Locally madeUV unit Dimension: 12 x 12 x 62 Height (inchThe UV LIGHT shatter-proof coated High Output ultraviolet lamps for infection control through total room irradiation with 4pcs UV Lamp. The UV units are provided with wheel caster that’s why it’s easy to transfer & with wired for 220v. 60Hz operation with a standard power cord. UV Lamps 30 watts high output UVC lamps intensity @ 1.5mPROCEDURE:
    1. Clean the room first & put the disinfectant
    2. Keep the surface of light tube clean, otherwise it will influence on the sterilizing effect.
    3. Position unit in center of area to be exposed to UV light
    4. Timing controller could control the disinfection time from 0 to 120 minutes, and the time clock would auto-power-off after the setting-up time. Clockwise rotation, no contra rotates
    5. Insert the plug of UV light to remote adaptor & insert to the outlet. Press the power on / switch & adjust 0-120 minutes timer, then leave the room and when at the door press ON button at the remote control
    6. After finishing sterilization, press OFF button at the remote controlSAFETY CONSIDERATION:
    1. UV ray is harmful to eyes and skin, user of service should leave immediately or wear protection appliance after it start working
    2. Make sure that no one enters the room while UV is on. Lock the door and place DO NOT ENTER! Sign.
    3. Reposition the unit to cover any shadowed area, if needed and repeat the procedure
    4. Check and clean the UV lamps regularly. Annual lamp replacement recommended. Avoid exposure to direct or reflected UV Light.WARNING: Avoid exposure to direct or reflected UV light. Always unplug the unit before any maintenance or lamp replacement is performed..