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Omron Body composition Monitor (HBF-375)
is a great innovation by Omron. It is efficient in monitoring various body compositions – body weight, BMI, fat percentage, segmental skeletal muscle percentage, visceral fat level and much more.

Omron Body composition Monitor (HBF-375)
provides results with great accuracy. It runs on just 4 AA batteries. With so many features, it weighs quite less i.e. 2.6 Kg approximately. It also consists of a progress chart and can store data for 90 days.

Features and Benefits
Resting Metabolism
Same age comparison
1 year warranty
Can weigh up to 135 Kg

Measures weight and more!
For ideal weight management, know your body composition- body fat percentage, visceral fat level, subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle percentage

Full Body Sensing Technology for a more accurate and precise body composition analysis.

Weight management made easy with:
Segmental (Full Body, Trunk, Legs and Arms) Subcutaneous Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage
Progress chart display
Same Age Comparison

Check your body composition:
Body Weight display
Body Fat Percentage & classification
Segmental Subcutaneous Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage (Whole Body, Trunk, Legs and Arms)
Resting Metabolisms
Visceral Fat Level and classification
Body Age
Same Age comparison
Progress Chart (NEW)
Memory up to 90 days ago