X-Ray Developer Manual Powder, PIXEL


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  •  Suitable for all automatic developing machine and manual developing for various medical films in market.
  •  Features in good inoxidizability, durable, and big medical films developing quantity.
  •  Good developing effect with low fog, low granularity, high sensitivity and high resolution ratio.
  •  Imaging contrast value can be controlled by adjusting the temperature of the chemicals.
  •  Purified formula makes easier to develop good quality photos and increase the diagnostic accuracy.
  • Developer ; 2*20L
  • Safe Handling procedure:
    1.  Keep it out of reach of children.
    2.  While handling the chemicals, please wear safety clothing including protective gloves, PDS goggles and face protective guard.
    3.  Make sure the correct proportioning of A.B.C liquor and water while need 10L or less operating fluid.
    4.  Be carefully and avoid any confusing use of developer and fixer.
  • General developing feature: Temperature; 30°C—35°C / Replenishment; 400ML/Sqm

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