Chromic Round Bodied (12’s)


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  • Catgut Or Gut Suture Is An Absorbable Suture Usually Manufactured From The Intestine Of Sheep Or Goat.
  • Catgut Suture Are Composed Of Highly Purified Connective Tissue Derived From Either Beef Or Sheep Intestines
  • The Membrane Is Chemically Treated And Slender Strands Are Woven Together To Form A Suture
  • The Grinding Process Creates A Strand Of Uniform Diameter. The Suture Strand Is Then Further Polished To Achieve Maximum Smoothness, For Reliability And Strength. Catgut Suture Are Available In The Form Of Plain Catgut Or Chromic Catgut

Double Arm, 40mm 1/2c, 75cm

0, 40mm 1/2c, 75cm

1/0, 40mm 1/2c, 75cm

2/0, 40mm 1/2c, 75cm

3/0, 26mm 1/2c, 75cm

4/0, 26mm 1/2c, 75cm

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