Cotton Thread Spool, (12’s)


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Cotton Thread Spool (12’s)

Spool cotton as a suture material.

Recommended cotton for the suture of wounds of joints and the abdomen.

Cotton thread is an excellent suture material when used in clean wounds.
Fine ligatures may be used in contaminated areas but not long loops of suture material.
A “cotton technique” must be developed to facilitate its use. The lack of springiness or stretching quality causes many ligatures to be broken at first, but this same quality prevents the tying of tissues too tightly.
In suturing layers of tissue as the peritoneum and fascia of the abdominal wall, all sutures of one layer should be placed before any are tied. This prevents sutures breaking or pulling out of the tissues. To facilitate the identification of each suture, alternate black and white thread is convenient.
Cotton is used to approximate all skin edges.


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