Polyglactin 910 Violet, (12’s)


Packaging: 1 Dozen/Box

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Absorbable Suture

Polyglactin was the second synthetic absorbable suture to become available. It is a coated, braided, multifilament suture like polyglycolic acid. Polyglactin 910 consists of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% l-lactide.

  • Polyglactin 910 surgical suture is prepared with elements easily metabolized and to eliminate by the body, which makes it a soft suture with great absorption and adherence capacity. It is indicated to use in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmic Surgery, Gynecology – Obstetrics, Episiotomy, Urology, Traumatology, Gastroenterology, General Closure, Ligatures, Pediatrics and Cuticles.
  •  Not suitable for cardiovascular and neurological tissues. As being a synthetic absorbable suture, it should not be used when the approaching to tissues is prolonged..