Central Venous Pressure Manometer (CVP)


Packaging: 1 Piece


  • Clear stopcock body permits view of fluid path.
  • Male luer lock ensures secure connection to CVP Catheter.
  • Thick-walled, kink-resistant tubing.
  • Disposable holders for 3/4″ and 1″ 1.V. Poles
  • Red flotation ball, inside the manometer rod, permits easy determination of meniscus level.
  • Disposable do not reuse.
  • Sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.
  • Discard if the individual packing is damage.
  • No-toxic, non-pyrogenic fluid path.
  • Do not store at bextreme temperature and humidity.

CVP Manometer is utilized to measure Central Venous Pressure continuously or intermittently. Central venous pressure monitoring is done in Intensive Care units (ICU), CCU, OTs as well as in casualty department. The molded clamps on the CVP Manometer allow for easy fixation on IV stands.

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Weight 1.2 kg