Epidural Anesthesia Set, PERIFIX

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Perifix® Filter Set

Sets with advanced equipment for continuous epidural anesthesia
Perican® epidural needle
Tuohy bevel
Diameter 1.30 x 80 mm, 18 G or
Diameter 1.70 x 80 mm, 16 G

Perifix® epidural catheter
Perifix® Standard, Soft-Tip, or ONE catheter
Length 1000 mm
Threading assist guide

Perifix® catheter connector
“Snap” catheter connector

Perifix® EF epidural-flat-filter, 0.2 µm
Filling volume 0.45 ml
Pressure resistant up to 7 bar

Perifix® PinPad
Filter fixation device for Perifix® 0.2 µm filters