Phototherapy Bilirubin Treatment for Newborn Jaundice

Newborn jaundice, while easily treated with phototherapy bilirubin, is one of those baby conditions that get parents pretty alarmed, especially those who are new mothers and fathers. Exposing babies to light is usually enough to lower the levels of bilirubin in their blood. And thus, with phototherapy, jaundice can effectively disappear.

How Phototherapy Works

It is very common for newborns to get jaundice, especially those who are premature or on exclusive breastfeeding. However, many cases do not need treatment since the level of bilirubin in their blood is low. With sunlight exposure and frequent bottle or breastfeeding, the yellowish tint on babies’ skin will soon disappear.

However, if bilirubin levels are high, this is when phototherapy treatment is necessary. And it is not the gooseneck lamp droplight, which many mistakes as the phototherapy machine, that does the job. The droplight only provides the heat that babies need to stay warm, especially when they’re body temperatures are low.

The phototherapy bilirubin machine, or what is called the bili-light, makes use of compact fluorescent light bulbs or other light sources such as halogen lights. The light is usually blue in color and is shined on babies’ bodies for hours, either continuously or intermittently.  For better effectivity, the babies are placed on the bassinet without clothes, just diapers, and eye covers, and they are frequently turned.

But how does the bili-light work to lower bilirubin?

  • Phototherapy works through the process of photo-oxidation.
  • Photo-oxidation adds oxygen to bilirubin, making it easier to dissolve in water.
  • The liver can then easily break down the oxygen-bound bilirubin and remove them from the blood.
  • Once bilirubin is removed, it can easily pass through the urine.

Using the bili-light is quite helpful for babies with hyperbilirubinemia, or increased bilirubin in the blood. Thankfully, most healthcare facilities in the Philippines, even in the provinces, have their own device for phototherapy.

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