OB Tools: Sims Uterine Curette 12 1/2” and Its Purpose

Knowing about certain medical instruments is a must for people who want to enter the medical field. And having these tools for themselves is a great way to learn about them and practice their use. This is why many medical students get their own instruments for educational purposes. And one of these items is the Sims uterine curette 12 1/2”.

What is the Sims Uterine Curette?

The uterine curette along with the Sims uterine sound 12 1/2” are popular instruments in the OB department.

  • Obstetricians often use these in dilation and curettage procedures, as well as in removing tissue from the lining of the uterus for biopsy or cleaning purposes.
  • The Sims uterine curette is teardrop shaped, fenestrated, with the loop tip being sharp.
  • Its shaft is malleable and can be manipulated in different angles for whatever need the patient has.
  • The Sims uterine sound, on the other hand, is used for probing and dilating the uterus and also for measuring the length of the cervical canal. Unlike the curette, it is straight but can be curved as necessary.
  • Both the uterine curette and sound are frequently used in OB/Gyn procedures such as diagnostics and operations.

These are the basics about the Sims curette and sound.

If medical students have these instruments of their own, they can easily remember things about them and practice their uses on dummies. This is one reason why many medical professionals seek hospital items and buy them for their own use.

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