Medical Essentials – First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
A good quality First Aid kit is something that should be found in every home and workplace.  The exact contents of each may vary according to the requirements if the user, with larger workplaces needed a larger stock of each item compared to a home, for example.  Even the most basic of kits should include items to treat burns, cuts, grazes, scratches, bleeding, cleaning aids as well as some basic equipment such as scissors, tweezers and safety pins.  As well as the basic equipment, a suitably marked box should be available in which to store the items.  For larger establishments, a cabinet may also be utilised to store supplies. Philippine Medical Supplies have a range of First Aid kits, boxes, cabinets and supplies available on its website.

Knee Support
For many people, knee problems are an ongoing complaint.  For others, particularly those participating in certain sports, the knee may be exposed to some level of stress that requires protection.  Regardless of the reasons for using them,a knee support is able to provide protection for the knee. These supports can be the open or closed patella type, dependent on users’ preferences.  They also come in a range of sizes and compression levels to suit individual circumstances.

A tourniquet is a type of bandage that is applied in emergency situations to stem the flow of blood from an injury.  Due to the nature of their function, the risk of damage to the part of the body being treated is increased the longer the tourniquet remains in place, with experts suggesting 6 hours or more of usage is likely to result in serious damage to the body.  Many experts suggest up to 2 hours is likely to result in no damage to the body.

Compression Stocking
For those who suffer from reduced blood circulation in the legs, the compression stocking is a possible and effective solution.  These stockings work by compressing the limb which results in narrower veins – with increased blood flow in the area around the narrowed veins. Phil Medical Supplies have a variety of types available on their website.

Abdominal Binder
An abdominal binder is worn in a variety of situations, including postoperative stages of abdominal surgery such as liposuction and abdominoplasty.  They are also used during pregnancy for certain conditions, as well as after childbirth.  In addition, they can be used to improve conditions for those who suffer from weakening of the abdominal muscles due to ageing.

Cervical Collar
Cervical collars are used by emergency services to provide support to an injured person’s neck after injury.  They are also used by those involved in activities where neck injuries are common, including lifeguards and ski-patrol personnel.  Typically, they are worn during transportation to medical facilities, but are also commonly used to treat patients with chronic neck conditions.

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