Medical Equipment -Blood Pressure Monitor,Digital BP Omron and Stethoscope

For medical practitioners and professionals, there are a wide range of pieces of stethoscope equipment needed. Some of this equipment can, of course, be highly specialised and for use in very particular situations, whilst others can be more general in use.  Phil Medical Supplies has an extensive range of medical supplies and equipment available.

Blood Pressure Monitor
A spygmomanometer is a blood pressure monitor which is one of the basic pieces of equipment used by healthcare professionals.  It is used to measure blood pressure by attaching a rubber cuff to the arm and then connecting this to a graduated scale, allowing accurate measurement of blood pressure within the rubber cuff.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
The Omron Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a device which provides simple and accurate blood pressure readings at the push of a button.  This particular device can store up to 60 historic readings, including dates and times.  As well as measuring blood pressure, it can identify hypertension and irregular heartbeat during the test.

The stethoscope is another of the basic pieces of equipment used by healthcare professionals. These particular items come in a wide range of prices and functions, with Phil Medical Supplies having an extensive range to suit all applications.  A stethoscope is a device used to listen to the internal organs, particularly the lungs and the heart.  It can also be used to listen to blood flow in arteries and veins.

Thermometer – Ear Thermometer
Thermometer are a basic piece of equipment used in the healthcare industry.  The range of thermometers is extensive, as are the uses. They can be digital, infra-red, manual reading and for use in different parts of the body, including ear-type thermometers.  Non-contact forehead thermometers are also available. Thermometers can also be used to measure room temperature and the temperature in refrigerators and freezers.

Pulse Oximeter
Pulse oximeters, used to measure the levels of oxygen saturation in the blood, are alternatives to blood tests. They also measure heart rate.  They are available in both finger type and wrist type. They are portable devices, making them convenient to use for healthcare professionals.

The above represents just a small selection of the various pieces of equipment used by healthcare professionals.  If you would like to know more about what is available, please visit Phil Medical Supplies.