Maternity Health Preparedness with OB Bag, Emergency Kits and More

A mother using a breast pump after a laborious delivery is a common site in delivery clinics. Maternal health in the Philippines has come a long way since the Millennium Summit in 2000. Still, the country has more to do to protect the lives of mothers all over the country. With preparedness in our hospitals and other health institutions, women might enjoy more security in the country.

The Millennium Develop Goals for Maternity Healthcare

Philippines being a member of the UN has tried to improve the welfare of mothers in line with the Millennium Development Goals. However, 11 mothers still die from preventable causes related to childbearing. For every mother who dies, 20 more women suffer from serious complications that can cause life-debilitating disorders.

Maternal Health – More than Just a Sterilized Kelly Forcep in a Bag

Labor and delivery have a long history in the Philippines. Before the modernization of health care and perhaps well into the 90s, a large number of mothers delivered in their own homes with the help of a ‘hilot’. It was generally accepted that giving birth to a baby entails a lot of dangers and could possibly end the life of the mother. However, as technology improved, maternal healthcare trudged along slowly.

Preparation can Reduce Maternal Mortality

With all the literature and research available, both the government and the private sector have pushed for better healthcare for mothers. Perhaps the best way to address maternal mortality is for allied health personnel to be prepared in their respective areas. The following are key points in preparation.

  1. Information Drive

Data shows that mothers have a better chance of surviving in delivering their babies in institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and health centers. In line with the MDG, hilot-assisted deliveries are dissuaded. The government has pushed for more health centers in localities to better assist mothers during childbirth.

  1. Proper Supplies and Equipment

Funding is also poured into these institutions. There are now ample supplies of kits with sterilized mosquito forceps, cord clamps, mayo scissors, and more. A lot of maternal related infections come from unclean equipment and supplies that can threaten both the mother and newborn.

  1. Referral System

Another point in maternity care is a working referral system. Health workers should be able to refer a mother with morbid pregnancy to another level that can best handle it. For instance, mothers with preeclampsia or hypertension should be referred immediately from health centers and clinics to tertiary hospitals for evaluation and monitored labor and delivery. In severe cases, the mother will be prepped for the cesarean section.

How to Prepare for Institutional Deliveries

While the right system can help mothers, it’s the preparedness with the equipment and supplies that can make a difference. Fill your OB bag with proper sterilized supplies and function as intended. At Philippine Medical Supplies, we offer high-quality equipment and supplies for medical use. Browse our catalog and have your order shipped right to your doorstep.