An Ice Bag for Your Concussion

You may have probably experienced having an accident where your head bumped on something hard, or someone bashed your head while you were playing. Usually, if you have a lump on your head, an ICE BAG 6″ is placed on that part to reduce the swelling.

If you are lucky enough, the swelling will be gone after a few days, but there are extreme cases where an operation is needed, and it only happens when you have a concussion.

A concussion is a head injury caused by a strong and a sudden blow on the head which causes for blood to clog on the brain. Usually, our brain is covered with a fluid they prevents our brain from banging on our cranium, but when a hard blow is received by our head, the brain gets injured from the inside which causes it to bleed. This is threatening because our brain would not be able to receive any oxygen which would cause oxygen deprivation that is quite lethal for us.

The Start of the Process

In extreme cases of head bumps, a patient would usually be unconscious. In order to transfer an unconscious patient, he is first carried on a STRETCHER and then rushed to the emergency room. After some tests and diagnosis, a neurosurgeon would assess whether the person would need surgery or not. If yes, the patient is then brought to the OR.

An IV line which is composed of an IV Catheter Neoflon, a THREE WAY STOPCOCK, and many more and an OXYGEN CANNULA are then attached to the patient. The cannula is placed on the nostrils of the patient to ensure that oxygen will be able to circulate in the body. The hair is then shaved in order to properly incise the head of the patient. After the incision, the skull is then drilled and opened. The duramater will be visible after this which will be cut open. The formed blood will be visible by now and using an IRRIGATING SOLUTION, the formed blood on the head will be slowly removed. After ensuring that there is no more bleeding, the skull will be closed using screws. Then the scalp is then stitched and covered by a BACTIGRAS which is changed often to avoid infection.

The patient will then be placed under observation to ensure that no complications would occur.

Accidents and assaults are something that we cannot avoid. But no matter what happens, our whenever when we are in a dangerous situation, our first priority should be protecting our heads. Our brain is the main organ that controls everything, if it is damaged, our life would be in a huge jeopardy.

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