Healthy Weight Loss by Monitoring Blood Sugar with a One Touch Glucometer

Weight loss isn’t just about the number you see on a Detecto weighing scale. Weight gain is due to the increase of fatty tissue in the body. The world has gone through ‘low fat’ nutritional management plans and yet people are still fat if not fatter than ever. Studies now show that a different culprit may be the cause of weight gain: carbs. Specifically, the simple sugars, artificial sugars, and other carb sources in today’s diet.

*Disclaimer: Before you change your diet, always consult your physician*

The Sugar Link to Weight Gain to Health Problems

Imagine entering a clinic, the nurse whips out a Littman stethoscope and brings out the BP cuff to measure your blood pressure. The adult cuff squeezes tightly on your bloated arms and as expected, you have hypertension. Being 50 pounds overweight hasn’t helped your body, but you wonder why. You’re following a low-fat diet and you’re still packing the pounds.

Studies now show that too many carbs can cause your body to gain fat tissue. Unlike fat and protein food products, carbs are found everywhere. They’re also hidden in most processed food that you may be binging on them and packing the pounds before you know it.

Some fat makes food tastier. Companies that make low-fat food knows that it won’t taste as great as the original thing. To compensate for this, they pump the low-fat food full of sugars. These are the common sugars that companies use to make low-fat food look healthy.

Hidden Sugar in Low Fat Food

  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Glucose
  • Dextrose / Dextran / Malt powder
  • Maltodextrin
  • Maltose
  • Sucrose
  • Corn sweetener
  • Coconut sugar
  • Cane sugar
  • Ethyl Maltol

The list is actually longer with other sugars made from different combinations and labeled in some exotic name like diastatic malt.

Low-fat diets result in a high-carb intake as you will be perpetually hungry. Carbs pass through the body quickly and each high carb meal leaves behind excess insulin which pushes the hunger button in your body. Each time you go through this high-carb-insulin phase, you store the excess carbs as fat tissue.

Fighting Back with a One-Touch Glucometer

The best way to combat these hidden sugars is to eat using a blood glucose monitoring device. These devices only require a small drop of blood to check your blood glucose level. All you must do is measure your baseline blood glucose levels in the morning and then record what you eat and the blood glucose 2 hours and 4 hours after each meal.

This is because some people react to different carbs and sugars differently. By using a glucometer to measure your blood sugar, you’ll know which food has a hidden sugar that can negatively affect your health.

Another choice is to go low-carb diet completely. Fat and protein have more energy per gram versus carbs and they stay in your body as fuel much longer.

Buying Equipment for a Healthier Body

Investing in health equipment can lead to a healthier body and a fulfilling life. Many people avoid using glucometers because they can be expensive, and you’d need to have lancelets and testing strips to use them. At Philippine Medical Supplies, we offer affordable health equipment and even deliver them to your doorstep. Buy your EasyTouch GCU Glucometer with us that comes with compatible test strips and lancelets. We also have a wide array of health equipment from weighing scales, stethoscopes, self BP apparatuses and more.