First Aid Procedure Using A Gauze Pad Sterile And Other Supplies For Bleeding Wounds and Cuts

Almost everyone has experienced having a cut or wound where a simple gauze pad sterile is used as treatment to stop it from bleeding. But what happens when the bleeding continues? What do you do?

How to Stop a Cut from Bleeding

A bleeding cut usually drives a person to panic, especially when that person doesn’t have any medical background. However, bleeding can usually be stopped simply by applying pressure on it with a clean cloth. Don’t try to put a bandage and cover it with micropore tape just yet. You have to remain calm in a situation like this so that your thinking won’t be clouded.

Unfortunately, when the bleeding doesn’t stop, it can be a sign of a severe condition. You should call for help and do these steps:

  • Put more gauze or cloth on top and continue applying pressure.
  • If possible, raise the body part with the wound above the level of the heart. This will help slow the bleeding down.
  • Apply a tourniquet on the proximal part of the cut if bleeding is severe and does not stop with pressure.

A hospital bed and a doctor is more equipped to handle severe bleeding which can be from an internal source. So it is necessary to call for help or go to the hospital.

If you haven’t had a tetanus shot, the doctor will inject you with the proper shot using a Terumo syringe disposable.

And if the cut is big, stitching it with a suture and dissecting set will be necessary.

First Aid for Bleeding at Home

When you get a cut at home, applying pressure usually does the trick in stopping the bleeding. You can to these steps thereafter:

  • Wash your hands and clean the cut with soap and water. Rinse the soap thoroughly to prevent irritation.
  • Apply an antibiotic cream and cover the wound with a bandage or plaster. Change the dressing daily to steer clear of infection.

You have to watch out for signs of inflammation such as redness, pain and unusual discharge. Also, monitor for fever using an ear thermometer.

This situation will be more easily handled if you have the appropriate supplies and first aid kit at home. It is better to be prepared and have these items on hand. Get the best medical provisions from the country’s leading supplier, Philippine Medical Supplies. Check out their website today and experience hassle-free transactions in getting your need supplies.