Early Detection of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Using HIV Test Plate, BLUE SCREEN and Syphilis Test Plate

Sexually transmitted diseases are some of those conditions that no one wants anyone else to know about. The stigma it brings can crush a person’s self esteem and destroy his future. Thus, many avoid medical centers and diagnostic exams to detect such diseases and keep things to themselves to avoid being judged. Thankfully, with home test kits like the HIV Test Plate, BLUE SCREEN and Syphilis Test Plate both available at Philippine Medical Supplies, people can now check whether they have any of the dreaded STDs early on and can then have the proper treatment for it if they test positive.

Early detection and treatment can spell the difference between good prognosis and complications that can lead to serious health conditions and even death.

Early Diagnosis of STDs

There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases that can be contracted by anyone through unprotected sex. And you don’t want to be one of them.

Unfortunately, it is not just through coitus that such diseases can infect a person. One example is the human immunodeficiency virus responsible for the fearsome AIDS. It can be transferred from one person to another by sharing needles or other injecting tools or through birth from a mother to her child.

And once you have the virus, your immune system becomes weak and severely damaged, which can make you vulnerable to life-threatening diseases.

As for syphilis, if left untreated, it can cause loss of vision, hearing, memory, brain or spinal cord infection and death.

This is why you need to have yourself tested if you ever experience the symptoms of the illnesses above and other STDs. With home kits such as the Syphilis 3.0 Test Plate (30’s), SD Bioline, you no longer have to go to clinics for diagnostic tests. You can do it yourself and know the results early.

You can then seek proper treatment if the results of your home test is, unfortunately, positive. Early treatment will help you prevent the serious complications that many STDs come with. And you can live your life as normally as possible.

So if you ever have doubts about any illness you may have, don’t hesitate to get yourself tested. You can always get the best home kits at Philippine Medical Supplies.

Don’t let such diseases ruin your life. They may even cause infertility and ruin your chances of having kids. And if you are ready to get pregnant, there is the ovulation test kit that can help you start your pregnancy journey.

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