How Daily Exercise May Reduce an Old Person’s Dependence on a Wheelchair

We can all agree that one of the scariest things about getting older is losing mobility and eventually having to use aids such as a wheelchair. Impaired mobility affects a huge majority of elderly people in the world. It affects their quality of life and makes it more difficult for them to live independently. But there’s something you can encourage your elderly loved ones to do to maintain or improve their mobility – exercise.

Daily exercise can enhance mobility in ageing people, particularly those who depend entirely on a walker. If your loved one is not physically active anymore because of certain health problems, be sure to consult the doctor first before you engage them in an exercise routine.

Below are the ways exercise can improve mobility among the elderly:


Coordination and balance are vital to keeping one’s mobility. A person with impaired balance has a higher risk of fall, which is made worse by bone density loss, or the condition called osteoporosis. With regular exercise, elderly adults can have improved balance. There are different balance exercises, such as leg raises and standing on one leg, which are effective in enhancing mobility and balance.


Older adults have less flexible joints, which is one factor causing limited mobility. Joint stiffness, pain, and tenderness associated with inactivity or arthritis can make it difficult for an old person to get around and perform daily activities. They may even require a knee protector to be able to get dressed, clean the house, cook, or take a shower.


Mobility problems among adults can also be prevented through strength training exercises. These exercises are aimed at making the muscles stronger so that enough support can be given to the joints and bones. By increasing muscle strength, falls can be avoided. An elderly person will have more stability as well. This will enable them to carry bags from the supermarket, lift pots of soil, and even get up from their chair easily. Eventually, they may even be able to walk around without a rollator.


An older person’s walking ability or gait can be improved by regular exercise. Several studies have already proven that physical therapy along with tai chi can significantly enhance an elderly person’s gait speed and efficiency. Thus, if you want your loved one to enjoy their freedom to move and do daily activities like showering without a commode chair, encourage them to exercise.

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