Benefits to Having an AED ZOLL or HEARTSINE

Thousands of cardiac arrests occur in the Philippines every year, a country where there is a scarcity of AED ZOLL or AED HEARTSINE. In many of these cases, the victim survives to go to the hospital to be defibrillated and stabilized. They then go on to recover with various magnitudes of neural and cardiac damage. But many of our fellow Filipinos have quite enough heart damage before the cardiac arrest that they need defibrillation stat. Keep reading to see how important having an AED is in an emergency.

It saves precious time

If a person is experiencing cardiac arrest or a heart attack, the heart muscles move erratically and without the proper rhythm. Because of this, the heart will not be able to pump life-giving blood to the tissues that need, particularly the brain. Every minute the brain is deprived of oxygen, the bigger the damage to it becomes until it becomes irreversible and the person becomes unresponsive if he survives, or he eventually dies from lack of oxygen. Having an AED will restart the heart and re-establish its rhythm so that it can begin to function properly, preventing oxygen deprivation and organ failure.

AEDs will not allow you to defibrillate a person with a proper rhythmic heartbeat

This is one feature of modern AEDs that is quite useful, since shocking a functioning heart can make it go into a fibrillated state, triggering the heart attack or cardiac arrest you were hoping to prevent. This prevents an untrained person from making the incorrect decision and doing more harm than good.

These devices are extremely portable

AEDs are compact, battery-operated devices that can be transported very easily. They are also very safe to use since they have features that detect misuse and will not allow you to shock a person you shouldn’t.

It increases a person’s chances of survival

Using an AED on a person experiencing a heart attack increases that individual’s survival rate by 60%. That’s a big leap on your chances of surviving cardiac arrest, considering 95% of cardiac arrest victims never make it to the hospital. Having an AED on hand will let you help victims regain their normal heartbeat and lower the death rate from untreated cardiac arrest.

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