From Banging the Chest To Using Defibrillators To Revive People

From believing in shamans that can heal our diseases, to experimenting different methodologies that can either help us regain our health or well… kill us, we have come a long way since the dawn of man. Our old-school ways caused us to have high mortality rates before. Now we are in the age where everything is diagnosed properly and everything is made easy by modern machineries. For example, can you imagine reviving a heart that already stopped beating without a defibrillator?


After publishing a study called Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus (On the Movement of the Heart and the Blood in Animals), William Harvey stated on his work that the correlation between a person’s pulse and his heart rate made it possible to determine his  blood pressure and blood volume. This paved the way for the creation of the Sphygmomanometer or the blood pressure tester. Before, you would need to first find the pulse of the person. After that, you need to first learn on how you can actually use the sphygmomanometer in order for you to accurately determine a person’s BP. Today, devices like the Digital BP Rossmax made BP Testing quite easy. You just have to insert in on the person’s upper arm then press a button. Talk about convenience!

Blood Glucose Level Testing

Determining one’s blood glucose level is essential in order for a person to determine if he has Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes. Before, you would really need to go to a hospital to get tested. But with the advent of modern technology, devices GCU Easytouch and Freestyle Glucometer made it accessible in our homes!

Breast Pumps

Some mothers find it quite difficult to produce milk for their baby while some babies find it hard to suck the milk out of their mother’s breasts. Before, they had to ask other lactating mothers to breastfeed their young or they had to use a manual breast pump that wasn’t really efficient. Modern breast pumps are more efficient in collecting milk.

For The Heart

ECG Machines are the life-saver of people with heart problems. This device can actually tell whether a person has a heart problem using electric signals represented by up and down lines on a piece of ECG paper. If the normal rhythm is disturbed, it would mean that the person has a problem in the heart.

If a person’s heart stopped or it is way too slow, a defibrillator is the answer. This machine was created in order to restore the normal beating rhythm of our hearts. This utilizes high voltages that shock the heart back to normality.

Machineries like CT Scan, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, Anesthesia Machines, and many more have paved the way in increasing man’s chances of survival.

Man’s imagination and greatness have created works that helped humanity in its struggle for survival. If our technology is like this today, what technologies can the future generation create?

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