All About the Autoclave Machine and the Process of Sterilization Using this Device

There are so many methods that you can use to sterilize things. One of these is boiling, which is quite effective for home use. However, in the medical setting, proper and effective sterilization is required for tools to deliver their purpose and prevent further injury to those needing their help, especially when it comes to infection. And one way to achieve full sterilization, and is a quite common method in hospitals, is by using the autoclave machine.

If you are not involved in the medical industry, you may not have heard of autoclaving. But if you are, you may be fully aware of this process.

Heads up and let us learn about autoclave sterilization so we can understand this process better, whether you are a part of the hospital team or not.

The Process of Autoclaving

An autoclave machine was brought into existence in 1879 when a need for a more reliable sterilization method than open flaming was acknowledged. After its invention, it became an essential part of every medical facility.

The autoclave machine is used to sterilize solids, liquids, hollows and any instrument in varying sizes and shapes, usually surgical instruments and laboratory equipment. Its mechanism of action is similar to that of the pressure cooker.

The sterilizing agent in autoclaving is steam. It uses its power, which is above boiling point, to kill bacteria and other substances that are resistant to boiling water. The optimal composition of steam int he autoclave machine is 3% liquid and 97% gas, and any change in this can alter the sterilization time.

There is a smaller kind of autoclave machine that looks much like the microwave oven and is commonly used in clinics, while the much bigger machine can be found in the central sterile department of hospitals and can sterilize numerous items in one cycle.

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