Aids for The Elderly – Walkers

Walkers and Rollators
For those who require some form of assistance while walking, the walker is one of the most popular mechanical aids available.  These walkers come in a range of sizes and designs to suit all users, some with an in-built seat. Walkers come with four legs for stability, and there are also some that come with wheels at the front, known as a rollator.  To enable easy storage and provide portability, some are foldable, making them easy to transport from place to place to ensure maximum flexibility for users. Phil Medical Supplies have a range of different types of walker available, including rollators.

Spine Board
Another key piece of medical equipment is the spine board.  These boards are used mostly in pre-hospital trauma cases, and are used to handle patient transportation for patients with suspected limb or spinal injuries.  They are used by ambulance staff, as well as lifeguards and ski patrollers as these are the people working in the places where spine and limb injuries are most prevalent. As well as for medical purposes, they used to be also used to improve the posture of young girls.  However, due to the lack of compelling medical evidence of any benefits, the latter use is becoming less popular.  Even for use in medical applications, it is recommended patients be transferred to more comfortable beds as quickly as possible. Phil Medical Supplies have a model available with a headrest immobiliser and safety straps.  Additionally, it can float on water.

IV Stand
IV stands can be found in a whole host of facilities within the healthcare industry, including hospitals and clinics.  They are used to facilitate the easy administration of various fluids through IV drips.  They come  in various designs and style, some with fixed legs and others with wheel legs.  They can have a number of different hook formations, dependent on individual needs. All share the same low centre of gravity design to prevent them falling over in use.  The IV stand available from Phil Medical Supplies is a four-hook and five-wheel model, coming in a chrome plate material. The wheels are lockable to provide even greater stability in use.

Knee Support
Knee supports are popular for both medical and sporting applications. They provide support for the knee, which makes them great for those who play sports, including basketball, football and rugby.  As well as for those who participate in sports, knee supports are used in a variety of medical applications, including post-operative uses and to provide additional support for patients suffering from knee ligament and other injuries and conditions.  The range of styles available is extensive due to the range of applications, with Phil Medical Supplies having a wide selection of supports available.

The tourniquet is a widely used type of bandage.  It is used to provide constriction and compression to control the flow of blood through veins and arteries to extremities for a particular period of time.  They are commonly use in emergency situations to reduce blood loss in cases of cuts and wounds.

If you have a particular medical equipment or supplies need, Philippine Medical Supplies has an extensive range available on its website.